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Thread: Snoop Dogg released without charges

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    Default Snoop Dogg released without charges

    LATEST: Rapper SNOOP DOGG was released from a London police station yesterday evening (27APR06) after he escaped charges over a brawl in the city's Heathrow Airport. The hip-hop star and five members of his 30-strong entourage were arrested on Wednesday (26APR06) on suspicion of affray and violent disorder when a fight broke out in Terminal 1's British Airways business lounge. According to reports, the star's entourage reacted angrily when they were turned away from the First Class lounge, where they were hoping to wait before boarding a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. During the incident, seven police officers were injured. After spending nearly 24 hours in police custody, Snoop - real name CALVIN BROADUS - was released on bail from Heathrow police station, but was forced to cancel his Thursday performance at the Freedom Day celebrations in South Africa. The rapper's attorney PETER BINNING says, "Snoop has been released on bail. He will return at a later date." Meanwhile, British Airways have banned the rapper and his associates from flying on the airline. A BA spokeswoman explains, "Given the nature of the disturbance they have been banned from travelling with BA for the foreseeable future."
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    Default Re: Snoop Dogg released without charges

    Well, this should put an end to him wanting to hang out in their first class lounge. Banned from BA. Sheesh
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