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Thread: Go figure, Queen Latifah likes female strippers

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    Default Go figure, Queen Latifah likes female strippers

    Not that anyone cares, or didn't know already::

    Queen Latifah LOVES strippers!

    Queen Latifah and a group of friends spent a lovely evening yesterday at NYC famed Scores strip club. They made their way to the Champagne Room where they enjoyed several dances from lovely ladies.

    A stripper said: "She is so nice,"

    "She treated me like a friend. It's great when someone who you are a fan of turns out to be a good person."

    Queen just drank mineral water and didn't touch any booze. Probably because she likes to stay sober when she slaps the booty. Does she deny being a dyke? I once had dinner next to her and she was surrounded by like 6 dykes and they treated her like the Grandaddy Dyke. It was hot!

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    I always got a gay vibe from her.
    Keep passing the open windows.

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