Keira reunites with bullies
By Alexa Baracaia, Evening Standard
10 April 2006

Keira Knightley was famously unhappy at her west London school, claiming bullying classmates called her "stupid".

But it's amazing what a few Hollywood movies, being voted sexiest film star of all time and an Oscar nomination can do for one's self-confidence.

Now it seems the 21-year-old actress is keen to reacquaint herself with her Teddington school pals, leaving a message on the Friends Reunited website.
In a short, sweet entry she says: "Hi, I am currently working as an actress in some rather big films, which is scary! Hope everyone is well xxxxx."

Knightley also reveals she is "in a serious relationship" - a comment thought to refer to her now ex-boyfriend, model Jamie Dornan. She adds that she has "no children that I know of!"

Knightley has previously spoken of being a target of bullies at Teddington but it seems she has had the last laugh; fellow ex-pupils describe themselves as "totally broke" and "desperately looking for a job".