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Thread: Carmen Electra credits friendship for marriage success

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    Default Carmen Electra credits friendship for marriage success

    SCARY MOVIE star CARMEN ELECTRA insists husband DAVE NAVARRO is her best friend and that's why their marriage is so successful.

    The actress previously had a string of bad relationships, including a failed marriage to basketball player DENNIS RODMAN and a romance with PRINCE, but has found true love with the rocker.

    She explains, "He's my best friend. He really lets me be who I am. It's the first time I've ever been able to travel and go to work and feel comfortable and be able to sleep at night knowing that my friend loves me and isn't hurting me. It's really nice."

    Electra does plan on starting a family but, despite tabloid reports, the couple are taking their time.

    She adds, "I do look forward to being a mom, but I'm not rushing it. But that's what's crazy, there have been so many stories in the tabloids that Dave and I breaking up and now I'm getting pregnant. I'm going, 'Which is it?'"

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    Default Re: Carmen Electra credits friendship for marriage success

    How long have they been married?

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    Default Re: Carmen Electra credits friendship for marriage success

    I hope the child looks more like Carmen when they have one!

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