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Thread: Jessica Alba accepts Playboy's apology

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    Default Jessica Alba accepts Playboy's apology

    JESSICA ALBA has forgiven Playboy founder HUGH HEFNER for putting her on the March 2006 cover of the soft-porn publication, after he pledged to donate substantial sums to charities of the actress' choice.

    The FANTASTIC FOUR star threatened legal action after the magazine allegedly 'tricked' Colombia Pictures into allowing them a promotional shot from forthcoming film INTO THE BLUE - after she had already refused to pose for a fee.

    But the legendary lothario made amends with a personal letter of apology and as-yet undisclosed donations.

    In the letter Hefner apologises for "any distress unintentionally caused by the publication of your photo".

    He adds, "What was intended as a tribute to your tremendous popularity has been misinterpreted by some as something else for which we are truly sorry since we are among your biggest fans."

    Alba says, "In light of Mr Hefner's personal apology for Playboy's unauthorised use of my photo on their cover, I have decided to discontinue my claims against them".

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba accepts "Playboy"'s apology

    Undisclosed donations, huh? I'd be curious to know...

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba accepts "Playboy"'s apology

    I just find this bit
    any distress unintentionally caused

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