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Thread: Christina Milian defends break-up song

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    Default Christina Milian defends break-up song

    LATEST: CHRISTINA MILIAN denies her new song WHO'S GONNA RIDE is a publicity-seeking attack on her ex-boyfriend rapper NICK CANNON, insisting the track is about all the break-ups in her life.

    The sexy star admits writing and recording the song helped her get over her heartbreak after the couple split, but maintains it helped her get thoughts about her other exes on record too.

    She says, "I did have a break-up but I must say that Who's Gonna Ride is a song that is also based on some other previous relationships that I've been in.

    "Of course everybody knows about the last one, so they've kind of just pointed the finger at homeboy.

    "He's a nice guy. Don't put anything against him. At the end of the day it was a relationship I was in and it's over and I'm very happy right now. I've moved on, life is great. I'm not mad at him, he's a cool dude."

    Last month (MAR06) Cannon was reported to be furious over the song, accusing the singer/actress of using their failed relationship to sell records.

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    Default Re: Christina Milian defends break-up song

    She's still singing?

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    Default Re: Christina Milian defends break-up song

    ..they broke up? aw i thought they were cute together. they could have been MTV's new ghetto newlyweds.

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