Star Jones is denying tabloid reports that she "almost died" from uncontrolled bleeding after her March 17 breast-lift and implant surgery. But a just-revealed audiotape of the 911 call suggests the situation was graver than she claims.
"Hi there, this is Dee at the Pacific Surgery Center," a woman's voice is heard alerting the Santa Monica emergency dispatcher. "We have a patient who is on our surgery table, who we cannot stop from bleeding."

Shortly after the frantic 4:56 p.m. call - which was played for Lowdown yesterday by a source who obtained it from the Santa Monica city attorney - an ambulance took Jones from the outpatient surgery center to Saint John's Health Center, a full-service hospital across the street, where she was eventually stabilized.

On Monday's installment of "The View," Jones insisted: "I did not almost die. I'm anemic. ... They gave me the blood, and literally I was fine right afterward."

But yesterday, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Anthony Griffin, who wasn't involved in Jones' case, told Lowdown: "If you call 911, that is a serious problem. That's less than 1%, calling 911 from a surgery center. It's a very rare occurrence, and when it does occur it's very dramatic."

As for Jones' anemia, Griffin added, "After gastric bypass, most patients are anemic anyway." Jones has refused to address widespread speculation that she lost 150 pounds after undergoing a gastric bypass three years ago.

Jones' PR rep, Brad Zeifman, declined to comment on the 911 call. Maybe Star will be more forthcoming about her medical emergency when she and her new implants return to "The View" Monday.