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Thread: Paul Bettany say he's just an average guy

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    Default Paul Bettany say he's just an average guy

    Actor PAUL BETTANY insists he's no upper class snob - despite being related to the wife of British royal PRINCE EDWARD, SOPHIE WESSEX.

    The WIMBLEDON star admits the Countess of Wessex is not a blood relation, and his family are entirely average. He says, "My family are related to Sophie Wessex. She's my step-aunt's niece but it's not a blood relation, and even my aunt and her family aren't really poshies.

    "My dad was a teacher and my mum was a secretary; I think my upbringing was very average and middle-class."

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    Default Re: Paul Bettany say he's just an average guy

    He's so average I have no idea who he is.
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