Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has admitted possessing crack cocaine, heroin and cannabis at a London court hearing.

The BABYSHAMBLES frontman pleaded guilty to seven counts of having the illegal drugs on his person during two separate arrests in December (05) and January (06).

Following a defence request, the case has been adjourned until 20 April (06) for sentencing.

Doherty's lawyer SEAN CURRAN told the Thames Magistrates' Court his client has responded well to a drugs rehabilitation programme that he was ordered to undergo last month (FEB06) at the nearby Ealing Magistrates' Court.

Curran admitted Doherty, who is already on probation for previous drug offences, has "a problem", but added, "If Mr Doherty shows the inclination he has had on his first review, the court may look more favourably on him.

"It will mean he can continue with the good work he has done under this order. It is still at its initial stages."

District Judge JANE MCIVOR told the singer "all options" at sentencing are a possibility at the moment.

Outside court, Doherty climbed onto a wall where he kicked a microphone out of a female reporter's hand.
"responded well to a drugs rehabilitation programme"???