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Thread: Kid Rock beats up photographers

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    Default Kid Rock beats up photographers

    March 23, 2006 -- WHITE trash king Kid Rock is accused of roughing up photographers and a fan who waylaid him outside an L.A. nightclub early yesterday morning. Rachelle Kaplan, who runs a paparazzi video company with her husband, Gary Kaplan, says the rap-rocker and his entourage beat up two of their staffers who were waiting for Rock outside Teddy's in the trendy Roosevelt Hotel just after 2 a.m. "They stole their cameras, their bags, everything," Kaplan tells Page Six. "They just threw it in the back of Kid Rock's limo and drove off." Kaplan says a police report has been filed. Also caught in the melee was Kid Rock fan Michael Medlin, who was trying to get a CD autographed, Kaplan says, when he got the worst of it. Medlin was punched and kicked and left lying on the ground. Other clubgoers emerging shortly after the incident decided to beat him up some more, until the LAPD arrived. Medlin was taken away in an ambulance. Kid Rock's rep did not return calls, but we're told cops want to question him.
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    Default Re: Kid Rock beats up photogs.

    Maybe Kid should hook up with Sienna. So far I see two things they have in common. 1- Their penchant for abusing photohogs and 2 - They are both fug. Bingo. Perfect match.

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