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Thread: Queen Latifah to become a mother?

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    Default Queen Latifah to become a mother?

    Rapper, CoverGirl and Oscar nominee QUEEN LATIFAH now wants to be a mom too, she tells "The Insider." "I think about being a mom all the time," she says. "I'm really working on it." Latifah, whose real name is DANA OWENS, broke the news while promoting her new film 'Ice Age: The Meltdown.' The multi-tasking actress says she's been taking serious steps to expand her family. "I've got everyone galvanized, I've cleared my schedule," she says. "I hope to be a mom by this time next year."

    -The Insider
    Is QUEEN LATIFAH planning on motherhood? The rapper-turned-actress breaks news that she hopes to be a mom by this time next year. "I'm really working on it," she says. "I've got everyone galvanized, I've cleared my schedule, and it's going to happen soon. God willing, I will be a mom!"

    Latifah, who puts her maternal instincts to use in 'Ice Age: The Meltdown,' says she doesn't plan on being a stay-at-home mom but will make her baby top priority. "The thing about having a child is -- I believe it's the most unselfish thing you could ever do," she says. "They're going to come first."
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    Default Re: Queen Latifah to become a mother?

    I wonder what she means 'working on it'? Is this baby going to be adopted, and she's working on that, or conceived, and she's having sex? I have heard she's a lesbian, so probably the former. Also it's going to be like a 2 week old infant, because heaven forbid a celeb can adopt a 10 year old kid. The older the kid is the less likely it will be adopted. Very sad

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