If a week’s a long time in politics, then it’s nothing compared to the world of celebrity romance. No sooner have two stars met than they’re romantically engaged, actually engaged - and then picking out wedding venues. All in the matter of weeks.

Yes, step forward Britain’s favourite young lovers, Essex girl Chantelle Houghton and indie singer Preston - who, a whole two months after starting their romance, are planning a summer wedding and may already have found the perfect venue for their nuptials.

According to the Daily Star, the Celebrity Big Brother lovebirds checked into an über-exclusive five-star hotel in Hertfordshire last week – and were so taken with their suite that they started to enquire about its availability on “a couple of Saturdays in July and one in August”. Cripes! “They were quite coy about their plans,” says a spy. “But there’s a real buzz about them getting married in the hotel… Everyone remarked on how in love they seemed to be.” Aww, bless.

If Chantelle and Preston do indeed to tie the knot at The Grove, then they’ll certainly be in illustrious company. According to its website, former celebs who have stayed at the country residence include “Queen Victoria, Edward VII, Horace Walpole and Lord Palmerston, who would arrive on Saturday, returning to London on Monday morning.” Well, just replace those names with “Paris Hilton, Davina McCall, Traci Bingham and Maggot”, and it sounds like it could be much the same story one weekend this coming summer. Almost.