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Thread: Sting to open strip joint.

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    Default Sting to open strip joint.

    March 20, 2006 -- NOTORIOUS strip-club aficionado Sting is opening his very own jiggle joint. We hear that the former Police chief is set to launch a satellite of Hollywood burlesque bar Forty Deuce on West 21st Street and 10th Avenue - and among his backers is regal rock legend David Bowie. While we've never spotted Bowie at Scores, Sting is a regular at top-shelf mammary meccas, where he is known for asking strippers to keep their dresses on during lap dances. But if he expects to compete with rival topless temples around town, the gentleman rocker might consider honoring the adage "Less is more."
    This man is so gross.
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    Default Re: Sting to open strip joint.

    Sounds like this is about up his alley. Maybe he and his haggish wife could offer demonstrations of tantric sex, too.

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