GARBAGE star SHIRLEY MANSON has publicly apologised to fans of the group for the "chaotic" way she and her bandmates announced their current hiatus, leading many to believe they'd split for good.

The STUPID GIRL singer acknowledges Garbage fans were confused by the mixed messages surrounding comments she made last year (05) regarding the group's future.

Manson told, "I don't know if we're calling it a day... We've not stopped for 10 years. We always swore if it wasn't 100 per cent fun, we'd stop it."

But she insists she didn't mean to spark a split fuss, which became a huge point of discussion for fans in Internet chat rooms.

She says, "Being the chaotic bunch we are, we should have put a press release together but we didn't. We were quite taken aback by how big a deal was made of it."

Manson, who is currently working on a solo project, insists Garbage have not split.

She adds, "We're still together, absolutely. We all feel like we want to go off and do a variety of things... But we love each other and we still want to work together. We're just taking a break. We've had a crazy decade."