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Thread: Pete Doherty scrawls dumb love note to Kate Moss

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    Default Pete Doherty scrawls dumb love note to Kate Moss

    LONDON, England -- Rock star Pete Doherty spelled out his love for his supermodel ex-girlfriend Kate Moss as he left court after another appearance on drugs charges.

    Surrounded by photographers as he ran to his Jaguar car from Thames Magistrates' Court in east London, the 26-year-old Babyshambles singer scrawled "I love Kate 4 eva," the Press Association reported.

    He added "QPR," in tribute to his favorite football team Queens Park Rangers, before driving off into the London traffic.

    Doherty's case at the court on seven counts of possessing controlled drugs, including heroin and crack cocaine, was adjourned until March 23.

    In court, dressed in a blue jacket with the word "Goi" on the front, Doherty removed his trademark trilby hat as he confirmed his address as Laburnum Street in east London.

    On Wednesday Doherty was also at Thames Magistrates Court for a review of a 12-month community order imposed when he was sentenced at Ealing Magistrates Court on February 8 for seven other counts of possessing drugs.

    The judge at Wednesday's hearing was told he was making "positive progress" in his fight against drug addiction. (Full story)

    Doherty, who rose to fame as the frontman of the Libertines, had responded to questions as he entered the court on Thursday about whether he was going to jail by saying, "Good heavens, what a notion. What do you think? It's on the cards, innit."

    As he left the court he sprinted across the road to avoid the mass of cameras waiting for him, dived into his car and then scrawled the love note on the window with a marker pen. Also visible on his windscreen was an out of date tax disc.

    One of his fans attending court, 16-year-old Fay Angeletta, said he had thanked her and her friends for their support. She told PA: "He said he had received the message we sent him wishing him luck and thanked us for it. We're here to support him."
    How old is this guy, anyway? A grown man writes in marker on his car window? romantic. If she, as a 30+ mother falls for this crap, she really is emotionally retarded. But somehow I think she might.
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    Default Re: Pete Doherty scrawls dumb love note to Kate Moss

    he can write in mirrorscript?

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    Default Re: Pete Doherty scrawls dumb love note to Kate Moss

    "I love Kate 4 eva," who's Eva?

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    Default Re: Pete Doherty scrawls dumb love note to Kate Moss

    I'm surprised they let him DRIVE AWAY considering the last few times he's been all over the road, clearly a danger to citizens..
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