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Thread: Bobby Brown arrested yet again....

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    Default Bobby Brown arrested yet again....

    How many times has this guy been arrested seriously?? 50? 60 times?


    From Pinkisthenewblog:

    Police arrested R&B singer Bobby Brown at a cheerleading tournament here on Friday night on a 1992 warrant out of Stoughton for motor vehicle violations.

    Mr. Brown, husband of singer Whitney Houston, was attending a cheerleading tournament at Bartlett High School in which his daughter was participating, according to Sgt. William J. Keefe.

    To avoid disrupting the tournament, police allowed Mr. Brown to go with his bodyguard to the station. Clad in a puffy green jacket, sporting gold jewelry and accompanied by a bodyguard, the 39-year-old singer arrived at the station in a large sport utility vehicle. He was arrested about 9 p.m. on the warrant and released on $40 bond, Sgt. Keefe said.

    Mr. Brown then returned to the cheerleading competition.

    The warrants were for driving without a license and driving an uninsured motor vehicle trailer.

    Sgt. Keefe said Patrolman Patrick Perry was on detail at the tournament when he was told Mr. Brown was present and noticed him posing for photographs with some of the people attending. He said Patrolman Perry checked for warrants because of Mr. Brown’s history of court involvement and discovered the Stoughton warrant.

    Sgt. Keefe said Patrolman Perry approached Mr. Brown and informed him of the warrant.

    “He was very cooperative. There were no problems,” Sgt. Keefe said. “We just got him in and out.”

    A bail commissioner who processed the arrest asked Mr. Brown if it was true that his wife is expecting another child.

    His response? Something like “we’re hoping,” Officer Steven Cacciapouti said.

    Over the years, Mr. Brown has compiled a lengthy rap sheet, including arrests for fighting, drunken driving, drug possession, probation violations and motor vehicle offenses.

    In 2003, he was charged with assaulting Ms. Houston, though the couple stayed together. In 2004, he was jailed for failing to pay child support for two of his children.

    Sgt. Keefe said he believed Mr. Brown was to have appeared in Stoughton District Court yesterday.

    Bartlett High School cheerleading co-coach Louise Cote said Mr. Brown’s daughter, LaPrincia, was a cheerleader on the Stoughton High School squad. She said more than 40 cheerleading teams from Massachusetts and Rhode Island attended the 17th annual invitational tournament, which is held as a fundraiser for the Bartlett squad. She said Mr. Brown attended with a “very large bodyguard,” his son and others.

    Cheerleaders spread the word that Mr. Brown was present, Ms. Cote said. “Otherwise most people wouldn’t have noticed.”

    “And I don’t think most people knew he was there,” she said. “It was sold out, and he was trying to find a place to stand and see like everybody else.”

    Shaun Sutner of the Telegram & Gazette staff contributed to this report.

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    Default Re: Bobby Brown arrested yet again....

    Crackbabies are whack, y'all!
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    Default Re: Bobby Brown arrested yet again....

    Lemme see dem receipts fo' dat shit!
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    Default Re: Bobby Brown arrested yet again....

    I am amazed at how long Whitney has put up with this guy. Birds of a feather I guess...

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    Default Re: Bobby Brown arrested yet again....

    Whitneys no prize anymore though! So I am assuming she doesn't have a ton of options! That, and she's so coked out she probably doesn't realize that he isn't there.

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    Default Re: Bobby Brown arrested yet again....

    I wonder if the daughter was even embarrassed. Didn't her blog have a thread on here somewhere? That little girl is highly sexualized.

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