WHAT: Endeavor agent Patrick Whitesell’s Post-Oscar bash
WHERE: SoHo House

· 1:30 am - After just 30 minutes of networking, J.Lo starts yanking and tugging husband Marc Anthony away. She says she is tired and Marc says, “Let’s go home, honey.”

· 2:40 am - Siennna Miller tells friends, “I’m way too hung over for this”

· 2:45 am - Justin Timberlake tells Benicio del Torro “I’m so happy for Cam, she’s doing great out there..she needs to be doing this in London right now, I’m so happy I’m recording now..it sounds amazing.”

· 2:46 am - Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are eating chocolate covered waffles. Benicio tells Heath “I’m upset you didn’t win.” Heath responds “I was just happy to look at Michelle all night.”

· 2:47 am - An Olsen asks Kate Bosworth where her dress is from. Kate says “Calvin Klein! Don’t you love it?”

· 3:00 am - Kiera Knightley tells a girlfriend, “It smells like eggs in here.”

· 3:15 am -Jessica Alba tells friends “I’m so happy I changed into this YSL dress. I’m much more comfortable!”

· 3:18 am - Paris Hilton walks around the mansion to avoid passing Nicole Richie. Nicole notices Paris is avoiding her and rolls her eyes to Mischa Barton and the Olsen twins, who are huddled together.

· 3:19 am - Richie (back together with DJ AM) is sitting on her friends lap smiling saying, “I’m so happy.” Then she sits next to Barton and puts her head on her shoulder. Mischa is kissing boyfriend Cisco Adler.

· 3:20 am - Paris Hilton tells Stavros Niarchos, “I’m so uncomfortable in this dress.”

· 3:21 am -Jared Leto (still carrying around his weight from the film Chapter 27) walks around looking self-conscious in a wool hat pulled all the way down and sunglasses on.

· 3:23 am - A smiling Joaquin Phoenix hangs out in the same spot for three hours with his girlfriends, mother and Casey Affleck.

· 3:30 am - Cuba Gooding, Jr. tries to kiss random girls and then says, “You should stay away from married men like me. We are trouble!’

· 3:31 am - Michelle Williams grabs the an old Dawson’s Creek castmate and says, “I want to dance! Let’s dance!” The two get down to an 80s pop song, while Heath stands back, takes a shot and watches her with a huge smile, saying, “I love watching her” to his friends.

· 3:32 am - Mariah Carey tells her boyfriend that the smell of the waffles is making her hungry.

· 3:33 am - Jessica Alba dances with boyfriend Cash Warren and says, “You look so hot baby!”

· 4:00 am - Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams get into a stretch limo and start kissing immediately.

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