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Thread: Ang Lee: 'Heath Ledger was like Marlon Brando'

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    Default Ang Lee: 'Heath Ledger was like Marlon Brando'

    ANG LEE has urged HEATH LEDGER not to be too disappointed at missing out on the Best Actor Oscar - insisting his performance in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN speaks for itself.

    The director - who himself won the Best Director prize for the gay cowboy drama - says Ledger should concentrate on the critical acclaim his performance won, rather than superficial awards.

    He says, "A lot of people have told me his performance reminded them of a young MARLON BRANDO. In my mind it was a miraculous performance. Incredible. We haven't spoken about awards - he knows what I think about his performance."

    pics here Heath Ledger, Nominee Lead Male, Michelle Williams arrive at the Oscars (03/05/2006)

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    Default Re: Ang Lee: 'Heath Ledger was like Marlon Brando'

    I have to agree.... I just saw it last night and Heath was amazing in it. If he never gets a great role again, he can look back on Ennis forever and know he played a role perfectly.

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    Default Re: Ang Lee: 'Heath Ledger was like Marlon Brando'

    Heatho is getting a bit of a rep here for prima donna rudeness to match the other Aussie wanker Russell Crowe. He's done several radio/TV interviews and is invariably offhand, surly and difficult.
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    Default Re: Ang Lee: 'Heath Ledger was like Marlon Brando'

    Heath sucks. Sorry but he does.

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