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Thread: Robbie Williams in hypnotic stunt

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    Default Robbie Williams in hypnotic stunt

    British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS volunteered to take part in a dangerous hypnotic needle stunt for a magic show to be broadcast on British television later this month (MAR06).

    The 32-year-old ANGELS hitmaker agreed to let acclaimed magician DERREN BROWN skewer his arms with huge needles after being put into a trance-like state to block out the pain.

    Brown says, "By the end Robbie's looking quite sickened and troubled. But to be fair, they were massive needles."

    The stunt will be broadcast on Channel 4 on 26 March (06).

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    Default Re: Robbie Williams in hypnotic stunt

    That Derren Brown is freaky the stuff he can get people to do, and its all with clever mind tricks its so wierd i watched a Derren Brown uncovered show once and it was so clever how he does some stuff, it didnt show you the good stuff though just the little crappy tricks but still!!

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