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Thread: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes 'most tiresome' *ssholes in H'wood: razzie awards

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    Default Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes 'most tiresome' *ssholes in H'wood: razzie awards

    Okay, maybe I ad-libbed the headline a little.

    Cruise, Holmes named "most tiresome" in Hollywood

    Reuters - Mar 04, 10:13

    And the losers are? Tom Cruise and his fiance Katie Holmes.

    Cruise who starred in last year's blockbuster hit "War of the Worlds" and his pregnant partner Holmes won the Razzie award on Saturday for "most tiresome tabloid targets."

    The Razzies, which parody self-congratulatory Hollywood award shows such as the Oscars by roasting the worst of Tinseltown, this year added the "most tiresome" category to salute "the celebs we're ALL sick and tired of."

    The couple, known as TomKat, won for their tabloid dominance. Cruise professed his love for the actress on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" last May where he jumped up and down on a sofa like a man possessed.

    Cruise's behavior spawned the slang "jump the couch," meaning the moment when you know someone has gone off the deep end, or as one Razzie presenter put it, "the day when his rabies vaccine ran out."

    Cruise then proposed to Holmes in June in Paris and announced their engagement at a news conference, prompting talk it was all a publicity stunt to promote their summer films.

    Razzie presenters joked in Hollywood jargon about Holmes' pregnancy, calling it "their first collaboration to go into pre-production."

    Cruise, a member of the Church of Scientology which eschews psychiatry, was also roasted for his attack on psychiatry and anti-depressant drugs made on NBC's "Today" show last June.

    Cruise, like other winners at Saturday's ceremony, "couldn't be here tonight to accept the award."

    "How bad a year did Hollywood have?" founder John Wilson asked in his opening monologue. "To hear them tell it, only the residents of Baghdad, the residents of New Orleans and one particular resident of Crawford, Texas, had a worse year in 2005 than the folks of Tinseltown."

    Despite a surfeit of awful films and dwindling box office takings, Wilson said, "The Academy of Motion Pictures Farts and Scientologists" would still give out Oscars on Sunday.

    By far the worst movie of the year was "Dirty Love," a movie written by and starring former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy, which took four honors.

    Billed by its producers as a "modern day Cinderella story," the movie grossed just $58,116 and was drubbed by critics.

    It won worst picture and McCarthy won worst actress and worst screenplay. McCarthy's former husband John Mallory Asher won worst director at the mock movie awards show in Hollywood.

    "Even by the standards of its bottom-feeding genre, 'Dirty Love' clings to the gutter like a rat in garbage," film critic Stephen Holden wrote in The New York Times.

    Cruise was also nominated as worst actor but was trumped by Rob Schneider, the star of "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo."

    Hayden Christensen, who has won worst supporting actor once before for playing Anakin Skywalker, who grows up to be Darth Vader, won again for playing the same character in "Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith."

    Paris Hilton, described by the Razzies as being the "notorious air-headed heiress," won worst supporting actress for her death scene in "House of Wax."

    Rounding out the Razzies, "Son of the Mask" won worst sequel and Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman were worst screen couple for their "less-than-bewitching chemistry" in "Bewitched."

    The Razzies are given by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which was formed to toast the worst of films, 24 hours before the Oscars tout the best.
    source: Yahoo news
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    Default Re: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes 'most tiresome' *ssholes in H'wood: razzie awards

    *standing ovation*

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    Default Re: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes 'most tiresome' *ssholes in H'wood: razzie awards

    I'll drink to that!

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    Default Re: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes 'most tiresome' *ssholes in H'wood: razzie awards

    They made a great choice.

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    Default Re: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes 'most tiresome' *ssholes in H'wood: razzie awards

    Let's propose a GR toast to this!
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