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Thread: Paris Hilton to star with fake Paris?

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    Default Paris Hilton to star with fake Paris?

    Will Paris Hilton star in a TV show with her impersonator?

    The woman who made headlines when she received the VIP treatment and bagged freebies from people who thought she was the partying hotel heiress claims that her people are in talks with Hilton’s people about the real Hilton appearing on the fake Hilton’s reality show. Chantelle Houghton, a 22-year-old winner of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, is starting up her own show, Chantelle: Living The Dream, and says that her network is in talks with Hilton’s agent.

    “I think it could happen and it would be so exciting to meet her,” Houghton told the UK paper The Star. “Basically it’s a case of ‘my people’ are talking to ‘her people’ and we’ll see what happens.”

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    Default Re: Paris Hilton to star with fake Paris?

    They were talking about this weeks ago, I doubt it will happen, I'd have thought Paris would think she is too famous for a nobody like Chantelle.
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