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Thread: Kylie Minogue thanks her mum for support

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    Default Kylie Minogue thanks her mum for support

    Australian pop princess KYLIE MINOGUE has publicly praised her mother CAROLE for helping her win her ongoing battle with breast cancer.

    The SPINNING AROUND hitmaker, 37, is currently in full remission after receiving treatment in Paris, France, while staying with boyfriend OLIVIER MARTINEZ.

    She explains, "During an unexpected and prolonged stay together in Paris, we waded through trials, tribulations and tears, but we also laughed a lot."

    The singer describes their bond as the "singular and extraordinary love between a mother and daughter".

    Minogue adds, "We discovered unexpected humour and glamour in the most contradictory of situations."

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    Default Re: Kylie Minogue thanks her mum for support

    I am happy for Kylie. Glad to hear she has recovered and is happy and well.

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