Animal activists at People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals are urging gun-toting US Vice-President Dick Cheney to take actress Eva Longoria hunting with him - to teach her a lesson for boasting about her bloodthirsty past.
PeTA bosses are outraged by the Desperate Housewives star's hunting boasts and have placed the pint-sized actress on their hit list with fur wearers and animal tormentors.

The activists are particularly upset with Longoria's recent revelations on OPRAH WINFREY's daytime talk show, in which she boasted, "I can skin a deer and a pig and a snake - and rabbits," when asked about her childhood hunting expeditions with her hard-up dad.

And now they suggest she should hit the trails with Cheney, who accidentally shot a pal on an expedition last week (ends10FEB06) - to get a taste of how tracked creatures feel when they become targets of shoot-'em-up hunters.

PeTA spokesman Michael Mcgraw says, "If Eva is set on going hunting, we hear Vice-President Cheney is looking for a new partner."

But the animal rights group's president, Ingrid Newkirk, is taking Longoria's boasts far more seriously - she has fired off a letter to the actress, urging her to cease talking about her hunting past as if it's medal of honour.