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Thread: Lucy Liu denies ever dating George Clooney

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    Default Lucy Liu denies ever dating George Clooney

    Actress LUCY LIU has laughed off rumours she enjoyed a fling with Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY in Miami, insisting she has never even been to the Florida hotspot.

    The CHARLIE'S ANGELS actress, who stars alongside JOSH HARTNETT in upcoming comedy thriller LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, maintains her relationship with Clooney is purely platonic.

    And she warns that if the pair ever did date, there is no chance they'd show off their love in public.

    She says, "I've heard Miami's great, but I've never been there. And I've never been to a nightclub called Bed.

    "And if I was out with George, I'd never be making out with him in public.
    "I'd make out with somebody else in public, but not George."

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    Default Re: Lucy Liu denies ever dating George Clooney

    Now that is a shame. With her beautiful eyes and ebony hair and his dark skin. Now that would have been a genetically blessed baby.

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