New York, Feb 15 Pop superstar Madonna has annoyed some Britons by saying they are "kind of allergic to the idea of god".

Others are taking the comment as further evidence that her marriage to Guy Ritchie is in trouble. Madonna denied rumours that she forced her husband to accept Kabbalah and said: "Ritchie studies Kabbalah, but probably not as enthusiastically as I do. He does it in his own way, Newsweek reports.

"He is into more of the intellectual side of it than I am. I would say he believes in god. Maybe he always did, but Brits are kind of allergic to the idea of god."

A close Kabbalah watcher said: "Madonna is to the Kabbalah Centre what Tom Cruise is to Scientology, its number one booster and cash contributor."

He added, "The scenario goes something like this: if a current or would-be significant other does not demonstrate an interest in the group and its teachings, committed students have been warned that this may mean that they are not 'spiritually right' or a 'good match' for them."