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Thread: Lindsay Lohan and Benicio Del Toro?

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    Default Lindsay Lohan and Benicio Del Toro?

    In Touch says the sociable starlet, 19, has been "quietly seeing" prolific troubadour Ryan Adams, 31, who has a reputation for banishing audience members who call out requests for "Summer of '69" and other ditties made famous by the craggy-faced Canadian crooner.

    But it appears Lohan, who for months has been on-again, off-again with a now plumped-up Jared Leto, her costar in the currently filming "Chapter 27," may be keeping her options open.

    According to the magazine, the teen queen also "hooked up" recently with Benicio Del Toro, 38. Seems the scruffy Oscar winner was out celebrating the birthday of unsteady squeeze Sara Foster when he connected with Lindsay. The age-challenged pair then spent "hours canoodling" before making a beeline for the Mercer Hotel, says the mag.

    Benicio, who last month was on the receiving end of an attention-getting dance from 19-year-old Ashley Olsen at a Manhattan hotspot (per the New York Daily News), has previously been linked to Scarlett Johansson, Leto's ex-girlfriend and the subject of a recent bathroom wall epithet purportedly poison-penned by Lohan (the butt-baring Vanity Fair cover girl has repeatedly denied the Del Toro tryst rumors).

    Lohan's rep, however, dismisses talk that she's been playing the field with Adams and Del Toro, insisting to the Daily News, "She's not dating either of these wonderful men."

    Meanwhile, Lindsay's mom continues to defend her hospitalization-prone little girl as she rehashes the Vanity Fair bulimia debate with Newsday.

    "Lindsay's fine. She's a 19-year-old girl. The writer twisted some of her words," Dina Lohan tells the paper. "[Lindsay] had said 'I wasn't eating right,' and this interviewer ... everyone has to be labeled, so they tried to label her. Well, it's not about labels. It's about being honest. Lindsay is honest and open."

    Dina, not content with her "No one puts Lindsay in a corner" speech, also hits back at drug rumors (the actress admitted to Vanity Fair that she'd used them "a little"), pooh-poohing, "If Lindsay had a problem, she wouldn't be coming out with four movies in a year."

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    Default Re: Lindsay Lohan and Benicio Del Toro?

    jesus she just doesnt learn

    she should date someone close in her age and somewhat normal

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