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Thread: New love for Jamie Foxx?

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    Default New love for Jamie Foxx?

    February 8, 2006

    New love for Foxx?
    Are Jamie Foxx and Victoria Rowell an item?

    Foxx was spotted arm-in-arm with Rowell — who stars in “The Young and the Restless” — at Mary J. Blige's birthday party in Miami on Jan. 11, according to In Touch Weekly. Fox, who has spoken of his own commitment phobia, has since been spotted publicly flirting with other women, but ITW reports that Foxx and Rowell were caressing one another in a way that made one observer comment, “It’s obvious that they’re in love.”

    Reps for Foxx and Rowell didn’t return The Scoop’s requests for comment.

    Meanwhile, though, Foxx has been using his status as an Academy Award winner to raise a little extra cash. “I was trying to sell this Bentley that I had,” Foxx told Ellen Degeneres. “It was a ‘96 big yellow Bentley. I took it to the guy and he said I can’t give you any money for this ugly yellow Bentley. And I said, you know whose Bentley this is — don’t you watch cable? — and he said ‘I don’t care.’ So I put it on eBay and I put "Jamie Foxx Academy Award winner" and with a picture of me posing and it sold for like $150,000.”
    Scariest Halloween mask ever > > >

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    Default Re: New love for Jamie Foxx?

    I thought he was boffing Oprah?
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