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Thread: Eva Longoria plans home makeover with Oprah Winfrey's designer

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    Default Eva Longoria plans home makeover with Oprah Winfrey's designer

    Actress EVA LONGORIA signed up OPRAH WINFREY's top designer NATE BERKUS to decorate the new home she bought for her parents in New Mexico.

    The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star recently agreed to tell all about her romance with basketball star TONY PARKER on the OPRAH show and decided to tie the big interview in with a home makeover.

    Longoria insisted on decorating the new house in a Mexican style, so her Latino parents would feel completely at home, and Berkus obliged by creating haciendas and buying up adobe-style furnishings and fittings.

    Longoria told the designer she felt compelled to treat her parents to a dream home to thank them for the sacrifices they had made for her and her three sisters.

    She said, "My mother would sacrifice pay cheque after pay cheque for us to have cheerleading uniforms, or for my sister to go to band practice and buy her a flute. She sacrificed a lot for herself and she's never had a nice house.

    "My parents have never had air conditioning in their life. No air conditioning and no heat.

    "My parents have never really tasted the good life, even though, in their heads, they have. Mom wanted a pool and my dad made her one. We have the thing that the cow drinks out of.

    "My greatest dream in life was to buy them a house."

    As a special thank you to Oprah and her team, Longoria and her boyfriend are sponsoring a home in New Orleans, Louisiana - through Winfrey's charity.

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    Default Re: Eva Longoria plans home makeover with Oprah Winfrey's designer

    Oh well, good girl on that one, I guess.

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    Default Re: Eva Longoria plans home makeover with Oprah Winfrey's designer

    I'm no fan of Eva but it was a really sweet show. Her parents seem like wonderful people.

    I didn't know she has an older sister who's mentally challenged.

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