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Thread: Your Top 5 Cookbooks

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    Did they spend all their in-between time running marathons? That's a LOT of food!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDayButToday View Post
    I LOVE Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything". It's always the first I go to for anything, and it's where I got my brownie recipe that has become nearly famous in our social circle and that my husband has said more than once had not an insignificant influence on his decision to marry me.

    I like the Joy of Cooking, mine is one of the really old editions with game and butchering instructions too. It isn't always my go-to, but it's also never failed me...
    I like my How to Cook Everything as well, and I have my mom's Joy of Cooking which is also a favourite. My other favourites are A Guide to Good Cooking, from Five Roses Flour (it's ancient and was originally my husband's), Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (I use this ALL the time), and the Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook (this one is a smaller tome but everything has a historical/regional context and they all seem to be winners so far. Best chocolate chip cookies ever.)
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    I admit, my husband does most of our dinner cooking. Poor guy, works all day and then cooks us dinner at night. But, he enjoys it, while it just stresses me out. We often use Jamie Oliver cookbooks, Food Revolution and 30 minute meals. I like that they are easier recipes that even I can't mess up too badly. Otherwise we just use the internet to find specific dishes.

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    I have so many but prefer baking to cooking too.

    Julia Child The Way to Cook. Love it completely even if it's a bit fancy.

    I love reading The Back in the Day Bakery cookbook. It's a fun read but I have had no success with the recipes. None have been great.

    Martha Stuart's cookies/cupcakes/cakes line of books is great.

    Dessert Circus from Jacques Torres is my all time favorite for restaurant quality desserts and pastries.
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