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Thread: Would you eat cloned food (as in animals)?

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    You could just grow the meat in a tank, sans head, save on feed, antibiotics, shelter, cleanup...
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    No thank you! I'll just stick from getting it directly from a farmer I know and trust. Since the kids decided to go vegetarian, it hasn't really been much of an issue in our house except for bacon. I'm not ready to give that up! (unless it comes from a tank)

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    I wouldn't even eat cloned veggies.

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    Umm genes create...on a simple level proteins. Proteins don't change your DNA.

    The only way something's going to cause you to mutate is if it was a mutagenic (Like for example...caffeine and radiation).

    The only thing that would be dangerous is if one of the proteins created was poisonous...but to change the proteins formed you haved to change the DNA.

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