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Thread: World's 50 Best Restaurants List

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    I agree with greys, most Scandinavian food I have had was pretty bland but there are some restaurants that work on giving it a new twist. I've tried some interesting dishes in Bergen. The Noma dishes look beyond gross, alien and slimy and not being a huge fan of seafood I would probably not have a good time there, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    I've eaten at Daniel and Eleven Madison Park. Both memorable and worth it. At Daniel, you might as well be eating in your own dining room. The wait staff there has a very special way of engaging you, making you feel at home yet still serving you. I can't believe I haven't eaten at any of those round the world restaurants because I'll always treat myself to a great meal.
    i've been to daniel but not to eleven madison (yet) but i did go to the restaurant at the hotel nomad which is also one of humm's. i agree with you that daniel is absolutely delicious and so is his café boulud.
    i would love to try noma. it's not traditional scandinavian cuisine. there's a scandinavian food place here that does a very modern take on scandie dishes and they are flavourful and delicious.
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    I'd love to try Noma on someone else's dime. My ancestors would haunt my ass for the rest of my life if I paid $50 for foam, two leafs of chervil and a hint of lime fragrance.
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