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Thread: World chocolate shortage possibly ahead

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    Back in the boxed wine.


    * feels like hoarding a huge stash of Lindt balls*

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    Great, they gonna send the troops over there, war for chocolate?

    Interesting though because I never did develop a taste for dark chocolate, it is just too bitter for my liking. My chocolate must be milk or white.

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    pretending to be a lurker but I'm not quiet enough


    Quote Originally Posted by xoxo View Post
    what does it mean to have the painters in...

    It is your best friend. I haven't had one for some months...

    If you think it's crazy, you ain't seen a thing. Just wait until we're goin down in flames.

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    moomies i am too stupid for words so i will pm you lol

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    pms xoxo lol and I only like milk chocolate myself dark is too bitter and I just never liked white at all too sweet or something.
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