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Thread: Why You Want to Avoid Foie Gras

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    you need a big ass fridge to hang flanks of meat in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doctora Pepper View Post
    I grew up in a house where we would never have flanks of raw meat hanging around, just generic things like fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and those little meatballs in spaghetti-o's.
    that's kind of sad actually.
    but you know the alternative to packaged nuggets, meatballs and canned pasta isn't necessarily flanks of raw meat hanging around. unless, like witchcurl said, you live in an abattoir. there's all kinds of delicious food made from scratch that doesn't involve killing your own cows in the backyard.
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    Default funny. Trying to picture the house with flanks of meat hanging around is killing me!

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    When I think flanks of meat, I think of anything bigger than a hamburger. Sometimes my husband goes into a meat cooking phase and fills up the freezer with 30 dollars worth of meat: liver, flanks, ribs, bacon, etc. Sorry if the choice of words caused any confusion.
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    Y'all seriously like force fed goose liver? I decided to try it at the more decorated Frenchie spots in town. Nearly gagged. It tasted like someone cut the fat off a steak and threw it on my plate.

    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    Pigs are also very intelligent and can learn tricks and commands. They can bond with people and make good pets. Horses are farm animals,too. So are turkeys and bunnies and so on.
    Can't stand pigs. Filthy little beasts that chew up everything in site. My husband grew up on a farm and he swears pigs gave him every incentive to get through college. He said there was no way he was ever going to have to deal with them again. In a hilarious twist, once he went off to college, his parents sold them all off. He's still pissy about that and it was almost 20 years ago.
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