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Thread: Why aren't my potatoes cooking?

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    ^^ That's a sad, sad potato.

    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    it could also be you got a defective batch of potatoes, or what you thought were the usual red potatoes you get might be some other lookalike variety with a longer cooking time?
    Mutant potatoes! I can nuke them or par boil. I was so sure they'd soak up the gravy because the pieces were pretty small.

    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    I vote microwaving first.
    Course,when I serve roasted root veggies I cook at 400 with tight top on. That takes about 45 min.
    Love these-turnips,peppers,potatoes,carrots-what ever you want. Quarter in big bite size,spray with olive oil and aggressive seasoning. Lord, it is so good!
    Lalalala...all I hear is Mr. McJag sayin' - "we'll be going out for dinner from now on"

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    I made a delicious roast with veggies and potatoes. Cooked this thing for 2.5 hours and the pots were still hard. I think the slow and low cooking is the problem. I also think my lower oven is off by about 25 degrees. I have two wall ovens and the top one always preheats faster.

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