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Thread: What'd you get from the 'Buck today?

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    Default Re: What'd you get from the 'Buck today?

    I'm passive and enjoy being a victim of circumstance when it comes to high doses of caffeine. I usually get the grande coffee of the day.

    If my calendar looks bad, I brace myself with a venti coffee with a "red-eye" (shot of espresso).

    My fave cafe du jour flavour is a tossup between Caffe Verona and Sumatra.
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    Default Re: What'd you get from the 'Buck today?

    Cafe Verona has always been my favorite brew that Starbucks offers. When I used to get my free pound of coffee a week (one of the perks of being a starbucks employee) I would either get a pound of Cafe Verona or opt for a box of the Tazo tea.

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