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Thread: What is your favorite or newest cookbook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    ^ I will. I've read through it but it seemed like a lot of casseroles to me. My friends all swear by it though so I'll look again.

    I have to admit, though I much prefer scratch baking, The Cake Doctor books have some true gems. She does a cookie dough cupcake that has become a staple in our house.
    Oh, yeah. I didn't do any casseroles. My Kid wouldn't eat a casserole!! I think the ones I tried I saw on her show and looked up online.

    I love baking. Cooking, not as much. I remember you made really awesome cakes for your kids, right? I haven't made any cakes, but I made some amazing chocolate raspberry cupcakes from scratch for my SO's birthday. Cookies, crumbles, bars, etc. funny thing is, I don't really like sweets.

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    oh, i wish you guys lived closer... we could all trade. i LITERALLY have two boxes filled with cookbooks that I'm either going to drop at goodwill or take to half-priced books. I am such a cookbook whore. I think I've told you guys before that my favorite/best is the one my mother wrote for me - by hand, in ink... misspellings and all. i'm such a sentimental whore! There was also plenty of room/blank pages, so as I find new ones that we love, I add them. The idea is that one day, I give it to someone else in the family... my brothers already want copies of the book but I haven't made them yet.
    I have a lot of the Paula Deen Cookbooks... in fact, that may be one of my most recent purchases - the Southern Cooking Bible or some such nonsense.
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    i don't have many cookbooks - i tend to look recipes up online or get them from people but i second the larousse gastronomique love. it's awesome. also, go to used bookstores and yard sales and look for an old edition of the joy of cooking. i lived in a house once that had a really old one, one of the first editions, from the 1930s. it was a fantastic read and even had squirrel and raccoon recipes and i'll never forget the diagram of how to skin a squirrel.

    also, i got this for my birthday last year after i visited a friend in north carolina and fell in love with southern food.

    yes, it's an entire book of deviled eggs. yum.

    this one's my mom's but when i was home for 3 weeks i made a bunch of recipes. surprisingly easy and straightforward, coming from the guy who ran el bulli and invented mollecular cuisine. the bolognese is to die for and there are lots of fabulous fish recipes. i'm tempted to get it. i didn't make any of the desserts because i love cooking but not really baking, and don't have much of a sweet tooth anyway.

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    My favourite was my dad's copy of Wolf in Chef's Clothing from his bachelor days. It presents recipes in a ridiculously easy comic book format. I used to read it over and over not realizing that it wasn't a children's book.
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