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    There are 500 million vegetarians/vegans in India so there's amazing variety of delicious dishes to choose from. There are dozens of dhal recipes alone. It's not hard to recreate them but you do need access to the various spices and maybe some more "exotic" vegetables which can be tricky depending where you live. I am lucky to have a great Sri Lankan grocery store nearby so I can get cheap, fresh spices and wonderful basmati rice. Get the best quality one you can find, it really makes a difference.
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    ^^Yes, the variety of spices and pulses was mind-boggling. And I have no idea what a lot of the veggies were or how to use them. Also, a shelf full of different Ghee's, and various rice varieties in 20 and 40 pound bags. And weird cosmetic stuff and facial lighteners and sandalwood, and interesting things in their huge refrigerated section. I could have spent hours in there.
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