I mentioned this somewhere else, but I was very happily surprised to run into century eggs at the breakfast buffet at the Dusit Thani Hua Hin hotel. I'd read about them online, and they looked like the most rancid things you could imagine. Traditionally, they are buried for weeks or months in some kind of acidic/basic wrapping. When they come back out, the egg white has turned to a jello appearance, and the yolk looks black, with a little green. I grabbed three of them. Amazingly, they just tasted like slightly stiffer versions of hard-boiled eggs:

Also, around Hua Hin, we were at an eatery and they had some nigiri sushi varieties I'd never had before. On the far right is mussels. Next to it is jellyfish. And obviously, second from left is squid. I forgot what the one on the far left was.