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Thread: The scary-ass 'dips' on Pinterest?

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    Anything with tomatoes that aren't stewed/cooked in bothers my husband and youngest son, too. And they both hate mushrooms. My older son and step son have similar tastes to me, though, so sometimes I just make the other two suffer
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    Quote Originally Posted by fgg View Post
    i hate raw onion but i'll eat them any other way.
    I don't like raw onions on burgers. I can eat them raw if they're slightly warmed up on something already hot like chili or something like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by louiswinthorpe111 View Post
    My hubby's picky, as well as my middle son. They have issues with tomatoes. Can't have anything with tomatoes in it. Yet, spaghetti sauce is ok. Or Rotel in the sausage dip I make. They are so ridiculous. *sigh*

    This isn't a big onion house. I do look with it, because I like the flavor it provides. Personally, I think it's a texture thing for me, because I can't stand biting into it. I use a lot of dried onion in crock pot recipes. That way, none of my picky eaters know I'm using it, so I don't have to hear them bitch.

    They won't do mushrooms, either. Do you know how many times I pass off Cream of Mushroom soup as Cream of Chicken? Just typing this makes my shake my head at all their stupidity.

    I quit catering to them in cooking. Then I don't get to eat anything I want. At New Years, I made a southern style gumbo. Made the perfect roux, with andouille and shrimp. No one would eat it because "they're too many vegetables in it." Okra and Celery, onion and tomatoes. Wouldn't even try it. So I ate the whole thing by myself over a week and a half.

    My youngest will eat anything. Raw onion, bites into it like an apple. My oldest is right in the middle, larger food palate, but definately has things he doesn't like.

    Hubby doesn't like Chicken. Especially if it's wings or something where he "can see the bones and veins and stuff." I can only make him boneless chicken breasts, and he still complains. Who the fuck doesn't like chicken? The kids love chicken wings. So I make those for us and hubby's on his own, which usually means he eats frozen pizza. His diet slays me. /endrant
    ^I so know how you feel - and by the way you can invite me over next time you make gumbo, because I will eat all of it. Growing up, my father didn't like chicken unless it was fried (but he didn't like the batter part) or a whole roasted chicken. Now it's pork. I won't even get started on everyone else, but it's like cooking in a mine field trying to make things everyone around me will like. So yeah, I totally agree about not catering to family & friends, after a while you don't get anything you ever want to eat. Ever.

    I'm picky about how my food is prepared, but I actually like food. Yet, I'm the one everyone calls a picky eater, even though I eat more variety than they do.

    Quote Originally Posted by WhateverLolaWants View Post
    Anything with tomatoes that aren't stewed/cooked in bothers my husband and youngest son, too. And they both hate mushrooms. My older son and step son have similar tastes to me, though, so sometimes I just make the other two suffer
    As for tomatoes....I'm picky about them stewed. I can't live without tomato sauce/marinara/whatever, and it's ok in certain soups, but I don't like hot tomatoes in general. I will not eat regular tomatoes in restaurants. Period. Unless they're chopped finely and hiding on a taco, so I can't see how bad they look. I was spoiled growing up, because we always had fresh tomatoes in summer and they're amazing. My great grandmother used to have a tomato garden with a salt shaker attached to a stake and would just sit there and eat them like apples. We made lots of things with tomatoes, like spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, BLTs, put them in salads or whatever else, but we always had them sliced on a plate at dinner, usually just served with salt. So when I see those white, pulpy, hard things they serve in restaurants, I just can't.

    But as for the mushroom hate, that I don't understand. I've always loved mushrooms. I think I used to beg my mom for them when I was a kid. My family also like going into the woods in spring and picking their own mushrooms, but I can't say I trust myself to do that.

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    I hear ya on the tomatoes. We always has home grown tomatoes growing up too, and sliced with salt is the best. I can't handle winter time tomatoes. Although, I found I can buy and eat grape tomatoes during the winter and it's ok.

    I tried a new receipe from Pinterest for dinner tonight. Chicken breasts, buffalo sauce and a packet of ranch dressing. I then shredded the chicken and put them on slider buns with cheese, and heated in the oven til melted. a few of us added a little more ranch dressing on the bun. Everyone but the 10 year old liked it. Wait, the 3 year old didn't eat his, but ate all his salad and tater tots, so he got a pass.
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