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Thread: Scariest New Restaurant Foods. Fried cheese stick sandwich? Yeah, I'd have a bite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    You cannot put this in your body. We are what we eat but nobody believes it. This kind of food makes me ill when I look at it. I can't be the only one.
    You are not. I could not get that down if I was starving.
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    I would eat the shit out of all that shit!!!!! I would even rub the cheesecake pancakes all over my body just so that I smelled like cheesecake pancakes.
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    Lol, those do sound yummy, maybe just one though, not a damn stack of them!
    That fried cheese stick thing looks disgusting to me as does the grilled cheese hamburger wtf thing.

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    I would eat everything on the list except the pizza, but only because seafood and I have a mutual hatred of each other. This thread really isn't helping my resolve to stay out of the freezer and cuboards right now. Or getting my boots on and wandering to the 24 hrs supermarket for some sugary badness. Mmmm....
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