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Thread: Is it rude to ask for condiments (Tabasco, Ketchup, etc.) at restaurants?

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    My opinion is that it's a matter of etiquette and manners. If i go to a nice restaurant i most likely will think of the chef as an artist. Salt and pepper are usually on the table if i need them but if they aren't--and in a lot of high-end restaurants they aren't- i wouldn't ask for them, unless the food is really bland. In that case i would also let the server know to tell the chef. I wouldn't dream of asking for ketchup. I would never say anything to someone who did, but to me, it's like a man wearing a hat indoors (see i am so old-fashioned). Most people these days wouldn't even know or consider it rude for a man to keep his hat on indoors, but whatever--i value decorum and civility, lol.
    I think restaurants where it is appropriate to use ketchup already have it on the table, or the server asks you striaght up if you would like it, A1 sauce, etc.

    But that's just me. I am a throwback to another era. I also believe in giving up seats on the bus to the elderly and pregnant, so what do i know ?

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    Far as i know,there is no ketchup around European eateries,only in fast food places.
    I would never dream of asking for it in a French or Italian restaurant.
    Same in here..there is salt-pepper and maybe vinegar.
    Most people in here dont use it,anyway.
    Depends on the culture,i guess..

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    Eh fuck - who cares what people put on their food? I like to eat bacon and hasbrowns with syrup and ketchup sometimes. How do you like them apples? Bring it to me and get that stupid look off your face.

    And if the "chef" at the IHOP I frequent wants to get his panties in a bunch over that, I can't see me caring one way or the other.
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    I think we are skirting around the obvious issue here - it's OK to ask for more salt, pepper, lemon juice or perhaps some mustard. It's tacky to ask for ketchup! LOL
    Only because it's the choice condiment of children and whitetrash.

    Ever notice how the backseat of almost any family car owned by crackers wreeks of ketchup? (I'm white, I can call myself a Triscut if I wanna).
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