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Thread: Paula Deen's latest vile concoction

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    Dammit, I like Paula Deen too. I have several of her cookbooks. We all know what's good for us and what ain't and we know what to add or remove to make it better/worse.
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    Paula Deen and Wanda should get together to create a cookbook. I actually like Paula Deen. I think she's sweet and I've only tried one of her recipes (Bourbon Pecan Glazed Turkey) but it was delicious. I have heard good things about her pumpkin cheesecake, as well.
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    That looks all kinds of sick!
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    i have lived in the south all my life and i have NEVER know ANYONE to cook any of the shit she comes up with. contrary to what some people believe, most southerners don't use as much butter as she does when cooking.. as with everything else, i'm sure there are exceptions.. a lot of her stuff isn't traditonal "southern" cooking.. i can't stand her, personally

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    Holy shitballs.... Even my husband (who likes Wendy's baconator) wouldn't eat that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msdeb View Post
    i'd eat it. i like strange shit like that. i've also been known to eat a stick of butter. lol
    This reminds me of that commercial where the mother is shopping in the grocery store w/a cart full of butter (Mrs. Butterton) and she puts a full stick of butter in each baked potato. Butter to be safe than sorry

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    I've eaten at one of Paula's restaurants and the fried chicken was awesome. I also tried the Krispy Kreme bread pudding at a Christmas party last week, but it was not a win for me. I love bread pudding, but it was way too sweet (probably not a surprise to anyone).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    Dammit, I like Paula Deen too. I have several of her cookbooks. We all know what's good for us and what ain't and we know what to add or remove to make it better/worse.

    I don't know why she even has a cookbook. Everything is just pour two pounds of sugar on one pound of butter anyway.
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