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Thread: Nutritionist claims to have kept a McDonald's Happy Meal for a year without rotting

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    Quote Originally Posted by aabbcc View Post
    I've heard this about the fries before ... I think it was mentioned in Supersize Me. This crud doesn't even qualify as food in my books, so I'm not terribly surprised.

    I found this at YouTube. Yum!

    I'm glad you posted this. This was one of the most powerful pieces of that movie and it's only available to people who watch the extras on the DVD, which is unfortunate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o0Amber0o View Post
    I'm glad you posted this. This was one of the most powerful pieces of that movie and it's only available to people who watch the extras on the DVD, which is unfortunate.
    I was going to say...

    Seen the movie a few times, but never that part.

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    Whole Foods uses the dead mcdonald's as a teaching tool with new employees.

    I read somewhere last week and I must find it now that a person in Houston is doing the same thing with an Aramark provided breakfast served in HISD schools. HISD's Breakfast Was Pop Tarts and Animal Crackers - Houston News - Hair Balls

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

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    WholeFoods is seriously overpriced. Id love to shop there but they are right across the street from a SuperFresh. Yeah, it may be good for you but even so, what good is it if you cant afford it? Im a starving college student, I can barely afford SuperFresh as it is. And you know, the thing is I went there a few times and wondered, how do I know that food is as fresh and organic as they say? I dont. They sell fresh and organic food at the regular supermarket too, its a few dollars more above regular food. I get it when I can.

    This is my .02 but Ill throw it in anyway. I saw 'Super Size Me' and didnt get the point. Fast food is bad, we know that. But to live off of it? That was just asking for trouble. This video, while bad, only shows me that McDonalds fries are kinda creepy. The other food rot just like any food would no matter how fresh you get it. In fact, isnt it true the fresher you buy it the quicker it goes bad? Heck, I bought some fresh lettuce and put it in my fridge, forgot about it, two weeks later it was still fresh. What in the World was that? I knew it shouldve gone bad.

    This oddly reminds me of when I was in high school, think my teacher didnt eat meat or something because when she was in school her teacher put raw hamburger in a microwave and let it sit over night. The microwave wasnt on, it just sat there overnight. Of course, it molded and got nasty. Why wouldnt it? Its if it didnt, like those fries, that would make me more concerned. And the other thing where they say if you put raw hamburger in a tupperware and leave it floating overnight in a can of Coke itll be cooked by morning.

    I dont believe that lady at all. The fries at least get rock hard. Not to mention flies ARE attracted to the food. Try eating it outside on a hot sunny day.

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