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Thread: Mum turns lunchbox into daily work of art to tempt son

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    I know. I thought it was new and liked a post back from 2014 before I figured out it was a necro from early this morning.

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    I make lunch for my kids everyday too, and while I admire the creativity of this mom, I also think she's spoiling the kid and showing off (probably to get a popular blog that leads to a cookbook deal, so I think the motivation is $$). That's WAY too much food for a little kid, I bet half of it goes to waste. And kids nowadays don't get long lunches - or when they get older they have clubs during lunch or they study or meet with teachers.

    One of my kids only eats really basic stuff (fruit + PB sandwich + yogurt), and the other is older and considers himself "gourmet", so he's always wanting healthy things in his lunches - spinach salad and pasta salad for example. He gets fruit too but he'll eat a wider variety - melons, mangos, kiwi. I've recently started making protein balls that he really likes. Tomorrow he'll probably get a spinach salad and a leftover sweet potato pancake (we're having roasted tomato/red pepper soup and sweet potato pancakes tonight).

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