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Thread: Love it or hate it - The Pros And Cons Of Pumpkin Spice

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    We've been using pumpkin spice dishwashing/hand soap for the past week. It hasn't been terrible, but then again, we're not eating it.

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    Where the heck did you get that???

    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    Add me on the "Doesn't get it at all" column. Tried it in Starbucks and either my barista was so incompetent she forgot the pumpkin spice or it really doesn't taste like anything except kinda like cinnamon. I will have to see if they also carry pumpkin spice muffins to try them too.
    Starbucks barristas are becoming incompetent all over. One i visited regulary is now slapdash & i had to wait for the rude girl at the till to servce me (no receipt, no pmease do the survey) then I had to wait for the other lass to stop talking about her big night ti a guy she was chatting up befire she made my drink. Nit the first time its been rubbish since the new start of term. Then one un the town where i work served the THREE men behind me first despite my cup being in front and then forgot my shot.
    Since this happened (so my last 3-4 visits to SB) its really showing up how I have had some really great service from them in the past.
    Free Charmed.

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    I love the PSL, but I feel like it's become so associated with twats that I can't bring myself to order them anymore.
    I do like the new chestnut praline latte, though - tasty and not too sweet
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