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Thread: The kitchen's burning! - Cooking disasters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily View Post
    ARGH! I made pumpkin bread tonight, something I can do with my eyes closed, but I'm out of practice. They didn't even RISE! Probably too much moisture? DAMN IT.
    Or with quick breads like that if the baking soda is old it can kill their rising power I did that with banana bread a few weeks ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhateverLolaWants View Post
    Or with quick breads like that if the baking soda is old it can kill their rising power I did that with banana bread a few weeks ago
    The baking soda's fresh. But that's good to know.

    I think it was too much liquid.

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    I'd mentioned mine, but apparently it's been done already *pouts*

    I made spaghetti sauce once for my Mum. While chatting with my friend as I chopped some carrots, she came in a screamed at me for being so lazy as to add only 2 types of vegetable. That sucked.
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    I have two disasters. Selected from many,alas.:
    One-as a 10 year old, my Cousin and I were going to allowed to have a taffey pull with all the little Cousins. We had moved the taffey to a well buttered bowl & were getting ready to pull it. All the tiny Cousins (I recall at least 4) had had their little hands just slathered in butter. Then a little mouse ran in my Grandmothers big kitchen. I screamed and dropped the bowl and everyone was screaming in holy terror-little buttered hands everywhere! Huge mess! My Grandmother and Aunts came running to see & they when they viewed the mess THEY started screaming too! My Grandmother always reminded us, when we got big she was coming to our houses & make taffey!

    Two-and most everyone that has been on here a while recalls this-Pinklilycat (who I adored & where is she!) gave me a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding. I was thrilled & feeling quite British. It came out Yorkshire Pudding Flambe-off went the fire detectors & dogs barking running in every direction. I had just tweaked the recipe just a tad & set the oven too high. The smell! OMG! I accused her of being a Double O agent & making a terrorist attack in Texas, Novice was kind enough to add some pointers that I THINK might help, should I ever get my nerve up!
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    these are great.

    i have two to share.

    the first is when i was pregnant i was making au gratin potatoes (boxed kind) and it called for boiling water. so i boiled the water and as i was pouring it in the measuring cup it started going down the side of the pot and so i tipped it over a little more and poured it right on my hand. the top of my hand and finger blistered. my husband was not home so i went over to the neighbors house and asked them if they knew what to do. i was scared because i got so nervous and shock kinda from it hurting that i was just scatter brained. i think being pregnant makes you a little scatter brained because normally i would not do that.

    and the second was one night my husband was running late and we had planned to have bbq ribs on the grill. well i started the ribs and then started the other stuff inside and while i was tending to the stuff inside and an infant the ribs on the grill were getting a char. lol. well i got the extinguisher and put our the flaming grill on a wooden deck. pizza night it was.

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