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Thread: Kids get nearly half their calories from junk food

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    These kind of articles make me so happy for my corn allergy. My kids eat only corn free at home (aside from breakfast cereal - which ALL has corn in it). It essentially means everything is made from scratch with whole ingredients. My kids turn up their noses at very little. The youngest raves over split pea soup (much to my brother's astonishment).

    Our rule is that you don't have to eat it if you don't like it, but you MUST try it first and you won't have anything else to eat. Eat it or go hungry. They almost always eat it. (we do have an exception for fresh fruit or veggies ... if they want a snack we will almost always let them have fruit/veg).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ang View Post
    i am not surprised. after getting together with some other moms of young kids, i was blown away by what a couple of the kids were eating. i saw a 13-month-old eat two huge sugar cookies with dyed frosting in less than two hours & then proceed to SCREAMMMMM at his mom until she gave in & gave him more. that wasn't even the worst i saw. i didn't even know people gave kids that young junk food. i was horrified.
    Ugh, I know I sound snooty, but it's just so unnecessary to start programming their tastes like that. I'm sure my boy would probably love sugar cookies, but he doesn't know it! He begs and signs for bananas, oranges, peaches, squash, rice, cheese, peas, and bread - his favourites, lol.

    I do love Lynnie's pizza idea and plan to implement it as soon as Mal's older! Yum.
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    Sunday was our pizza day - homemade veggie pizza with a bowl of homemade soup. The kids still talk about it.

    It boggles my mind that people give toddlers junk food. I see so many fat little kids in the food court at the mall shoveling in fast food. I want to slap their mothers. My kids got fast food maybe once a month when they were in school. It was a treat. The rest of the time, they ate proper meals at home.

    Oh, and a crock pot is a working mother's best friend!

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    Well parents are obviously the ones to be blamed here.
    I never ate junk food as a kid, my mum used to cook every single meal we ate (ok, she was a housewfe, she didn't come back tired from work)

    I used to work in a nursery that was in a shopping mall, and it really bothered me that nearly everytime parents were taking their kids back, they would give them a whole lot of crap to eat, whereas as a kid, I would eat bread with a small bit of chocolate in it.
    Can't they see they're poisoning their kids???
    What's the point? Is it better to give them a treat and make them happy for 5 minutes while ruining their health for every single year to come, or just make them "less happy" with healthy food and preserve their health?

    I really don't understand parents, although I can (and I really do :p) understand coming home tired from work, diet is a fight worth fighting for.
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    I work full-time and have a two year old. I'm tired after working a full day, picking her up and getting home. However, to me, her diet is very important, so I plan healthy meals and prepare stuff on weekends to be heated up, as well as have a huge repertoire of quick and easy (and healthy) meals to cook when I get home.

    Seriously, 15 minutes prep, tops, and 30 - 40 minutes cooking time. She has a snack in the late afternoon (fruit, cheese & crackers), so eating dinner at 6 isn't too late.

    We eat together as a family, she eats what we eat. I think her diet is too important to take lightly. We don't drink pop, we don't eat crap (although we have dessert sometimes, and she does get a small bit of ice cream sometimes as well).

    I think "too tired" is a cop out. Why not stop and actually THINK about what you're doing. Eating crap and then spending the evening comatose on the couch? Nope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tati View Post
    I do love Lynnie's pizza idea and plan to implement it as soon as Mal's older! Yum.
    Honestly, it gives them such a sense of accomplishment! They feel they 'made' their dinner--and its amazing how they are suddenly willing to eat/try new things when THEY make/do it.

    My oldest and I also make soup every week (usually Sunday--since she takes it to school w/her during the week) and that has become quite a thing too. She loves Broccolli/Cheese soup, so we make a huge homemade pot. Eliminate most of the crap, and it still takes great. And we both love to do it, even though children + cooking=major clean up, it's totally worth it.

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