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Thread: I need HELP!!! Ben and Jerry's flavor search

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    I think ours is a Cuisinart Ice-20. It's not perfect, but from what I hear it's hard to get a really great homemade ice cream maker for a reasonable price. And when I say not perfect, I just mean that you have to take the ice cream out of the maker and put it in the freezer for two hours or so before it's a good serving consistency. It still tastes good, though. I think it's about $50, and you can get it at Target.

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    I remember when I would allow myself to eat this stuff, there was a flavor called Primary Berry Graham... it was this cheesecake flavored ice cream with chunks of strawberry and cheesecake crust in it.. it was SO GOOD. I miss it.

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    My absolute favorite is Half Baked.

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