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Thread: I hate the smell of coffee .... would a Keurig be a good choice for guests?

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    I think the smell of coffee is better than the taste and I like the taste a fair amount too! *stares at coffee in front of her*
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    Just knowing there are people out there who hate the smell of coffee... the world got a little stranger.

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    coffee and sex are pretty much the only things that make me happy in the morning.
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    Those folgers bags are seriously disappointing for a coffee drinker, let me tell you. My mom doesn't drink coffee, so whenever I go visit her she has those for me. They'll do in a pinch (they deliver caffeine and gets your bathroom business going), they're better than nothing but it's SO not the same. Not that much smell from them, but it still smells like (crappy) coffee if you're close. I've had to go to Dunkin Donuts to get real coffee on occasion, so it may prompt her to do the same! So yeah, these might solve your problem as long as you totally get rid of the other coffee maker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    Hate the smell and the taste. I won't even eat anything coffee flavoured.
    Years ago (like 20!), I used to be addicted to Friendly's butter crunch ice cream (I think that's the name). It had butterscotch flavored ice cream with small pieces of hard butterscotch. It was heaven. Then one day when I ordered it, it smelled and tasted like coffee ice cream with butterscotch bits in it. I returned it back and asked if they had changed it (of course, they were clueless) and didn't bother. I tried it again and again over the next few months and it was the same ... I think they just started using the coffee ice cream in so that they didn't have to make two different kinds of ice cream. It's even affected my tastebuds for butterscotch.

    Quote Originally Posted by sprynkles View Post
    You could buy her a box of instant coffee bags. I don't think the smell would travel very far. And they're not too terrible if that is all there is.
    She's gone now but these wouldn't have worked. She insists on DD coffee and that we have it ready for her (the ground coffee beans) when she comes, meaning we pay for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by CornFlakegrl View Post
    Just knowing there are people out there who hate the smell of coffee... the world got a little stranger.
    LOL, everyone has their own aversions to things. I think the coffee one comes from the smell of cigarettes (another intolerable smell for me) and coffee brewing from my mother when I was young. I don't think it's really strange ... coffee brewing is a *really* strong smell (at least to me), the smell wafts through my entire two story house. Plus like I said, my MIL would leave grounds and the coffee in the pot (not on warm, cold coffee, but it still smells) for the whole day and sometimes into the next morning. My mom owned a hair salon for many years (I was often there) and she'd fix her coffee, take two sips, have to get back to a customer (can't leave it on her station, ew, cut hair, hair spray, god knows what else would have been in it), then go microwave it, rinse and repeat all day. Blech!

    Anyway ... like I said, she's gone and cut her stay short. It's summer so both my son and I are late risers. I hid the coffee maker behind some stuff on the very top shelf of our pantry. I guess she got the hint and ran out for her own DD mega cup of coffee. Thanks for all the advice!!!

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    ^Maybe they started using hazelnut in the ice cream? I won't touch anything hazelnut either, too close to the taste of coffee. And yet I love dark chocolate.
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    I love my Keurig. I make a ton of drinks in them too. I do an iced coffee, add creamer and it's not too far off Starbucks. I am also into diet snapple iced tea with my Keurig. It rocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    Coffee smells, even from a Keurig. Had one. Coffee is coffee is coffee. You could ask her to trot down to Timmy Ho's each morning and keep the smell out of your house.
    This; have a regular maker at home and there is a Keurig at work, and the only difference is not smelling the coffee as it sits on a hot plate. With the Keurig, the smell happens only while it's brewing but you can still smell it. I heart coffee and the smell of it brewing and typically don't imbibe in the afternoon, but have a co-worker who does and can smell it brewing in the Keurig from feet away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    The smell of freshly ground coffee is AMAZING.

    Even if you hate coffee, I wouldn't buy a Keurig. You will still smell the coffee, and you will spend at least $125 instead of $30. And it costs about 4-5 times as much to buy coffee for a Keurig as it does for a regular drip coffee machine.
    As well it's extremely bad for the environment and potentially unhealthy for human consumption (e.g. sealed w/ aluminum (aren't aluminum pots bad for us?) and made w/ No. 7 plastic which is labeled as 'other'--very, very questionable.

    Read this great article:

    I wouldn't suggest instant coffee to a coffee lover though. I suggest a French Press which has the least environment impact and more natural to brew and the least expensive. As well, because it's quite sealed when seeping, there's potentially less aroma coming out. My local Dollar Stores sells these actually, lol... I understand your MIL is used her to pot on all day, but she's also gotta understand she's not at her home and you're trying your best to accommodate her.

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