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Thread: How much do you tip the pizza guy (or tip in general)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelpMeRhonda View Post
    Here is a question for you.. I get my nails filled every 2 weeks..the owner of the shop does mine.. I don't even know how much it costs..I've gone to her for over 10 years- it was $24 then 26 so I always just give her $30 and that's it..
    So the other day I had to cancel and go in another day.. another young girl did me.. I had a check for $30 made out.. she comes back with change..she says I only charge $21.60.. So I let her keep the change.. And she did a great job..

    So am I ripping of the owner on a tip.. Do you tip the owner the same as the help?
    Some say not to tip the owner but I think they're working on you and they incur so much overhead in running the place.

    The woman I went to was the owner and usually the only person there; I always tipped her. I would get the pink and white fill and they were like perfect little tiny works of art that didn't look fake; I give $10 for tip. I wouldn't say you're ripping the owner off because if the girl working for them can afford to charge less than you thought it was and still pay their cut for working there then you're just fine.

    I'm also of the belief that tipping makes the world go round; I will never not leave a tip.

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    I usually 15 per cent for good service and 20 per cent for great service. Most pizza delivery people will tell that they get the worst tips in ritzy neighbourhoods -- I've been thanked profusely more than once for giving a normal tip.

    As for not tipping the owner, I think that is outdated. Owners usually work incredibly hard and appreciate a tip for good service. Plus, it often means you get better treatment/reservations etc.

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    Pizza chains keep the delivery fee they charge the customers, which isn't fair, because drivers use their own cars and pay for the gas. People like to blame drivers when the pizza is late, but tbh, it's almost ALWAYS the restaurant's fault.
    I can definitely confirm this - when I did delivery for a pita place we charged a $3 delivery fee, but that went to the restaurant, it had nothing to do with the drivers. The drivers were paid 50 cents more per hour than the regular workers to "cover the gas" - BWAHAHAHAHA! So delivery charge has basically no impact on the drivers' wages.

    That said, I'm not complaining at all, as it was a treat for me to be out driving and listening to music instead of making pitas or working the grill all night. It was pretty awesome really. But yeah, considering that we used our own cars and bought our own gas, an extra 50 cents an hour didn't really cover it. I didn't mind at the time, but it just didn't. Tips were always very appreciated.
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